Does Tree Removal Include Stump?

Does Tree Removal Include Stump

If you are a homeowner that has many trees in your yard, there may come a time when you need to remove one or more of them. This is not something you want to do yourself because of the danger involved, so it’s best to have a professional tree service do it. That may lead you to wonder does tree removal includes stump. That is a legitimate question because many times when a tree is felled it leaves a protruding, ugly stump behind that most people don’t want. In this article, we will talk about this issue a little bit more. 

Reasons for Stump Removal

Before talking about does tree removal include stump removal, perhaps it’s best to discuss the reasons why stump removal is beneficial. Not only do people do stump removal because they are unsightly but there are other benefits to doing it also. This includes making the ground area where a tree once stood useful again. Then you can plant new grass, build a swimming pool, or extend your patio area. All of these are not possible when you have a stump left over after tree removal. A left-behind stump will also attract bugs and other unwanted critters and can be very difficult to do yard workaround.

How to Do Stump Removal

Many people realize that stump removal includes grinding out a stump but it includes much more than that too. You also have to cut the stump as close to the ground as you can before starting to grind it away. The grinding also has to take place several inches into the ground (6” is recommended) to fully reclaim the area where the tree once was. This will probably leave a depression in the ground which will mean that some topsoil will have to be added to level the ground back out. Stump grinding is also a very messing job that leaves wood chips all over so a thorough cleanup is definitely a part of the process.  

When Does Tree Removal Include Stump Removal?

There are not any set rules among tree professionals as far as stump removal being part of every tree removal process. It comes down to how each tree service wants to handle this. Some tree care services always include it and others always offer these services separately. Those who offer tree removal separately state there are times when a customer does not want or sees no need to remove a stump. This may be the case for a tree that was taken down in a remote part of the yard. It’s a pretty safe bet that most tree companies that price tree removal and stump removal separately will also offer some sort of a package deal if these are done together. The only sure way to know if stump grinding and tree removal are included with each other is to ask the company that you are thinking about hiring to do the job. That way you will know for sure.

Stump Removal in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Does tree removal include stump? Ideally, yes. However, this is only the case when you work with a licensed tree contractor, and if you specifically request to get the stump removed as well. Stump removal, after all, is not a simple task. It also requires special equipment and a whole lot of time especially if you’re dealing with a fairly large tree. 

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