Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

does homeowners insurance cover tree removal

There is a good chance that if you own a home that you have several trees in your yard. That even opens up the possibility that at some point in time you may need to remove one of those trees. This can lead you to wonder does homeowners insurance cover tree removal. 

Unfortunately, that is not an easy question to answer for everyone. That’s because different insurance companies offer different coverages and even different types of coverages between their individual homeowner policies. You can start to see how this makes giving you an answer right away complicated. 

The best way to give you an answer to this question is to provide you with some general information on what a homeowner’s policy typically covers regarding tree removal. 

What Causes Trees to Need to Be Removed?

When asking yourself the question does homeowners insurance cover tree removal, it’s best to start by going over what causes trees to need to be removed in the first place. The most obvious of which are trees that come down due to extreme weather conditions. Extreme high wind and excessive amounts of ice buildup can bring down even the hardiest of trees. 

You also will see trees that have been weakened or dying because they are diseased need to be taken down too. Some people remove trees because they are growing too close to their homes or causing cracks in foundations and driveways too. There are even occasions where trees need to be removed simply because there are too many of them in your yard. 

Standing Trees

You would be hard-pressed to find any homeowners insurance policy that will cover the removal of a tree that’s still standing. It would have to be an extreme circumstance, to say the least where a tree presented an imminent danger to both personal safety and property. Even then, your insurance policy would most likely expect you to be proactive and take care of the problem yourself without your insurance covering it.

Trees That Have Fallen

Trees that have come down on their own or in mishaps are usually the exception when it comes to tree removal that’s covered by insurance. The majority of the time, if a tree comes down on your home through no fault of your own, then your insurance company will most likely cover the cost of removing that tree. The opposite is most likely true for trees that have come down elsewhere in your yard. If the tree that has fallen is not resting on your home or blocking your driveway it most likely will have to be removed at your own expense. 

When in Doubt Ask Your Homeowners Insurance Provider

What’s the best place to go to get a straightforward answer to ‘does homeowners insurance cover tree removal’? Well, you can start by reading your homeowner’s insurance policy but that may take up much time to get a simple answer. This is the reason why it’s probably best to call the agent who issued your homeowner’s insurance policy and ask them. They will then be able to look up that policy and give you an answer fairly quickly. Just keep in mind that what they say may not be legally binding if it differs from what your actual policy says.

Call Licensed Tree Removal Services

Does homeowners insurance cover tree removal? The best way to answer this question is to check your current policy. We can say with utmost confidence that every insurance provider would require you to hire a licensed tree removal contractor. If you are in Port Orange, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach, DeLand, and surrounding areas, then we can help you out. Aardvark Tree Services is a licensed tree contractor that offers tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal, and many more services. Call us at 386-310-8022 to get a free estimate.