Do You Need to Remove a Diseased Tree?

Do You Need to Remove a Diseased Tree Port OrangeIt’s only natural if you see a tree in your yard that appears sick for you to ask do you need to remove a diseased tree. While most may think it’s prudent to do this, experts will tell you that’s not always the case. A tree can be diseased and still be brought back to good health without going to the drastic step of taking it down.

Several factors go into making this decision. Most of them take into account the chances of successfully saving the diseased tree and its impact on the overall tree health in a landscape. 

When Should a Diseased Tree Be Removed?

The most obvious reason to take down a diseased tree is if that tree has died as a result of the disease. There is no more merit to having it in your yard and only bad things can happen as a result. This includes the disease a tree has spreading to other trees and plant life and a dead tree is in a weekend state which makes it much more susceptible to coming down and causing damage under high wind conditions or during severe storms. So, when asking do you need to remove a diseased tree that’s dead, the answer is always an emphatic yes.  

Other Disease Signs that Point to Tree Removal

Other signs will help you answer the question do you need to remove a diseased tree too. Some of those that are strong indicators that a diseased tree should be removed include:

  • The appearance of fungus that’s causing a large amount of decay on a tree.
  • Signs of excessive chipping or peeling of the bark on a tree.
  • Hollow areas in the trunk and many irregularly shaped branches (called scaffolding)
  • Many dead or dying branches toward the crown of a tree. Some will probably give the appearance of hanging downward too. 
  • An abundance of fine twigs on the end of branches that show no signs of producing foliage or buds

If your diseased tree is only showing minor signs of the above-mentioned traits or has a disease but none of these other symptoms, then that tree can most likely be saved. 

Knowing how to best save a diseased tree is a complicated process that is usually best left to professionals or undertaken after extensive research. 

Consult a Tree Professional 

By far the best thing to do if you are unsure whether your diseased tree needs to be removed or not is to consult with a tree professional. They have the education necessary to give you great advice concerning any trees in your landscape that are diseased and may need to be removed. They will also have the equipment and know-how to safely take down any diseased trees where removal is recommended. Consultations with these tree experts are usually free, so take advantage of this and get a tree inspection scheduled. It just may save you the expense of taking down a diseased tree that did not have to be removed. 

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