DIY Tree Cutting Guide

DIY Tree Cutting Guide DeLandThis DIY tree cutting guide below will give you the basic idea how a tree removal process should be carried out. However, as tree maintenance professionals, we highly recommend calling a contractor if ever you need to cut a tree. Please remember that this is a very risky procedure especially if you do not have any experience and when you lack tools and equipment.

Trees are strong and can withstand varying weather conditions for many years. But there are also times that we need to remove a tree for several different reasons such as we need to use that area where the tree is planted for a different purpose like a home expansion, a tree is already unhealthy or has already died, or when a tree is overgrown and is already considered hazardous to its surroundings. The steps below need to be followed to carry out a safe tree removal job.

Clear the surrounding area. The first and very important step that you have to take before cutting down the tree is for you to clear the area that surrounds it. Make sure that there are no valuable items, property, and even people who might get hurt if ever the tree falls while you’re cutting it.

Measure the approximate height of the tree and strategically plan where the tree should fall when you cut it. This is an important step as well because you have to make sure that the tree will not fall on your house, your neighbor’s property or other items that might get damaged.

Start by removing tree branches first. Especially when you are cutting down a large tree, it can be quite difficult to remove the tree all at once. 

Use ropes to secure the tree. Even if you intend to let a tree fall on one direction, accidents may happen and things may not go as planned. This could lead to accidents or damage to property. To avoid this, use ropes to tie the tree and get help from other people to pull the tree. Remember, this is not a one-man job.

Call at tree removal contractor. The steps above may seem simple and easy to follow. However, when you are already starting to do it, you may find it challenging especially if you have no experience cutting down a tree before. To make sure that it will be a safe and successful project, call a license tree removal contractor who can help you out.

The DIY tree cutting guide above is shared here to at least let you know how to safely cut a tree when you need to do it without professional assistance. However, we must say this once again as this is a safety issue – you should call a licensed tree removal pro to help you. If you are in the Port Orange, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach, DeLand, and nearby areas, we are here to help. Call Aardvark Tree Service at 386-310-8022 to get a free estimate.