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Over the years, DeLand homeowners have reached out to Aardvark Tree Service for their tree service needs. With such a reliable team, complete array of tools and heavy equipment, and dependable expertise, expect exceptional service when working with our company.

t is important for every property owner to know that tree removal DeLand is not a DIY task. While some have fair knowledge on how to carry out certain jobs, you need a lot of experience, an equally knowledgeable team to work with, and the necessary tools in order to complete tree maintenance tasks properly and safely.

Tree Maintenance Services in DeLand, FL

Aardvark Tree Service is one of the most in-demand tree contractors in DeLand, Florida and the rest of Volusia County. Both residential and commercial property owners call our company for assistance when it comes to tree services and several other outdoor services. We continuously train our team and we can give you the assurance that every service you call us for is done the best way possible.
Tree Trimming Deland

Among the many tree services DeLand that we offer are the following:

Tree Removal

Also known as tree cutting DeLand, we remove trees completely from your property. This is usually done when a tree becomes hazardous or if you need to use the space where it’s planted for something else such as a home expansion.

Tree Trimming

For tree trimming DeLand, we remove weak and dead branches in order to make way for newer, healthier, and stronger ones. This is ideally done every few years or so to ensure that the tree becomes healthy and its surroundings remain safe.

Tree Pruning

Similar to tree trimming, this is the process of removing part of the tree including some of its branches and limbs. Property owners call for  tree pruning DeLand  to reduce the size of overgrown trees, prevent hazard trees, and also for aesthetic purposes.

Stump Removal

When a tree is removed or has fallen down, a stump is left behind. This is a large part of the tree attached to its roots that remain underground. Stump removal DeLand  is done through cutting, grinding, and digging.

Land Clearing

Are you planning to expand your home or build a new feature on your yard? We can help you with land clearing DeLand services. We carefully remove trees, shrubs, and other vegetation. Our team can also help flatten and clear the ground so it can be ready for your brand new setup.

Hurricane Preparedness

As much as Florida is sunny most of the year, we are also visited by great storms and hurricanes. With hurricane preparedness DeLand, we literally prepare the trees on your property to ensure that they remain strong and stable even as strong winds and heavy rains arrive in your area.

Storm Cleanup

Of course, there’s only so much preparing you can do when there are hurricanes and storms that come in. In the event that some trees fall down and branches are all over your property, we can help you with our storm cleanup DeLand services.

At Aardvark Tree Service, we are devoted to providing timely expert service to residential and commercial property owners in DeLand, Florida. When you need service, whether it’s tree removal DeLand, tree trimming DeLand, tree pruning DeLand, stump removal DeLand, and others, we are ready to come to your location right away.

DeLand’s Expert Tree Maintenance Company

We ensure that our team is always prepared to help you with whatever your tree maintenance requirements are in DeLand. Our full set of equipment and tools are regularly maintained and inspected to ensure safe and proper operation at all times. Furthermore, we make it a point to be professional yet friendly to our clients. You deserve the best service and we are here to give that to you.

Let our team know what tree services DeLand you need so we can assist you. We offer recommendations based on our knowledge and experience should there be other services you can take advantage of. We clean as we go. We treat your DeLand property with utmost respect at all times. If you choose to work with Aardvark Tree Service, we can give you the assurance that you’re getting outstanding services, topnotch workmanship, and excellent customer service all at very reasonable rates.

If you need tree maintenance DeLand services, Aardvark Tree Service is the company to call. We offer consultation services too in case you are unsure of the tree maintenance service that you need for your property. Get a free estimate. Just dial our number 386-310-8022 to speak to an expert in DeLand today!

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