Dead Tree Removal

Dead Tree Removal Port OrangeTrees can live for decades or even up to thousands of years. Yes, many trees can outlive humans for sure. However, there are some that have to go, too. Just like many other living things, a tree would eventually die. If there’s one in your property that seems to be lifeless, it’s time to call for dead tree removal services as soon as possible.

How to Know If a Tree Is Dead

You don’t have to be a seasoned tree expert to spot problems in your tree. You just have to take time to look at it to see any problems. Some trees may seem dead but may only be sick or dying. If you want to save a dying tree, arborists would definitely be able to help you. But just like humans, treatment may be done but there’s really no 100% guarantee that the tree would live.

To know whether a tree is dead, you first have to look at it, as mentioned. Check if there are cracks, soft spots, open wounds, decaying or rotting areas. Check whether fungus is already growing on the tree. Check the tree’s bark for large cracks as well.

To be extra sure, grab a twig or small branch from the tree. You can’t use the ones that have already fallen down because these are most likely already dead and dried up. If you get a twig from the tree, try breaking it and see if you can do so easily. Check whether it still has green wood inside of the twig. If it’s brown and if the twig broke easily, then the tree is most likely dead or dying.

Another way to check is through a scratch test. Using a twig, scratch off some of the tree’s skin. If you see green on the inside, then the tree is alive. However, this is not a guaranteed test because some trees have multiple trunks.

When in doubt, call a tree expert instead.

Why Do You Need to Remove a Dead Tree?

Dead trees can be infested by insects and other wildlife. These are dangerous as well especially if it’s a fairly large tree. Dead trees become weak and may fall down easily in case of extreme weather conditions or even just strong winds. If this happens, your property can be damaged and people may get hurt.

Aside from the dangers of keeping a dead tree, lifeless ones would no longer look beautiful. You would rather use that space for a brand new tree or another pretty spot for your garden.

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