7 Great Ways to Recycle Your Real Christmas Tree After the Holiday Season

You may still have your dying or already dead Christmas tree lying around in your backyard and you’re wondering what you should do with it. Yes, you can easily dispose of it and have the garbage truck take it; however, that’s such a total waste of wood material!

Wood coming from your Christmas tree can be useful too. Depending on your location, the most common types of trees used are eastern white pine, Virginia pine, Scotch pine, Douglas fir, noble fir and balsam fir among others. Some people even pay for these types of wood so they may use it for different purposes.

Instead of just throwing your old Christmas tree away, why not have a little fun with it or at least find ways to recycle it? Not only will you be a great human being doing his or her part helping the environment, you can make most out of the wood you already have anyway, especially since you most likely paid for your Christmas tree.

If you’re still thinking about what you can do with that Christmas tree, here are 7 great ideas you can consider:

1. Feed your garden and make it even more beautiful in time for spring and summer with compost or mulch coming from your real Christmas tree.

Turn your Christmas tree into compost. What you should keep in mind though is that the entire tree doesn’t magically turn into compost quickly even if you bury it underground. It may eventually become mulch, but that will take a whole lot of time; it may even take years!

Set aside the dried leaves/needles as these can be used as compost as well. Since the needles are small and fine, you need not cut them down anymore. However, the wood must be chopped into smaller pieces before it can be used as effective compost. If you don’t have a woodchopper at home, which you probably don’t especially if you’re not into woodworks, landscaping or farming in the first place, you can ask your community center if they have one and if there’s any way you can borrow it.

2. Ask your local authorities whether they’re picking up old Christmas trees for your town’s recycling center.

This is an easier but not-so-fun option. Just call the local authorities or check their website or social media page regarding announcements whether they’ll be picking up old Christmas trees. A lot of communities have this program so if real Christmas trees are common in your area, this may be a good choice too.
You may not be doing the recycling yourself, but you will know for sure that your old Christmas tree may become something useful.

3. Go on a camping trip and enjoy the great outdoors! Make firewood out of your real Christmas tree.

Don’t even think about burning the wood from your Christmas tree in the fireplace or your stove. It is common knowledge that the sap from these trees can become a fire hazard and may create blocks on your chimney.
However, you can safely use it outdoors. Perhaps you can go on a camping trip with your family and friends and enjoy the warmth of a bonfire using wood from your Christmas tree.

4. If you have a pine Christmas tree, use the wood as decoration for your aquarium.

Of course, you’d have to cut down the wood into smaller pieces for this to work out. Pinewood is commonly used as a fish feeder or a play area for your pet fishes inside the aquarium. The wood has to be treated first though to make sure it’s safe for your little water creatures.

If you used fir as your Christmas tree, while it is not completely unheard of, when used as an aquarium decoration, it is not as common as pinewood. So don’t take our word for it. Best if you use the fir wood as fish feeder if you have a fishpond in your backyard instead.

5. No need to source for driftwood as garden decoration anymore. You can simply use your Christmas tree.

Some people go through great lengths just to find that perfect piece of wood that they can use as garden decoration. Just cut your Christmas tree and strategically place the wood in key areas in your garden as decor. Eventually, it will look naturally old and charming just like drift wood since it is exposed to outdoor weather conditions.

6. Save the wood from your Christmas tree and make time for an arts and crafts session with your family. Possibilities are absolutely limitless!

Pinterest is a gold mine when it comes to arts and crafts ideas. A quick search would lead you to numerous DIY products that you can make out of your old Christmas tree.

From coasters to key chains, and even for next year’s Christmas decorations, you can enjoy bonding moments with your family and friends while trying to be creative with all that wood!

7. If the branches are still strong enough, set up your bare Christmas tree in the garden, decorate and wait for pretty birds to take over.

Get rid of the needles and let your Christmas tree stand in the garden. Trees need not be alive for wildlife to love it. Decorate it with a comfy nest, perhaps a dream catcher or some wind chimes, and it will surely be a great accent and conversation starter right outside your home.

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