Can Palm Trees Be Relocated?

can palm trees be relocated port orangeCan palm trees be relocated? If you have a lovely palm tree on your property, need to use the space where it is planted right now, and do not want to get rid of it completely, then this is probably one of the questions you have in mind. Palm trees are the perfect addition to your tropical paradise and in case you are wondering if palm trees can be relocated, the simple answer is yes.

Palm trees can be moved and relocated in your yard, even the matured ones. They not only add beauty to your garden but also protect by giving shade to your sensitive plants through the huge fronts. However, relocating palm trees need a lot of research and preparation too. Some plant trees grow too big and need more space for their roots to spread. It is recommended to move a matured palm tree with a maximum of 10 feet in height only. Younger ones that are moved fast or abruptly may or may not survive the relocation. 

Considerations for Palm Tree Relocation

Make sure to check on the roots. Some types of palm trees have roots generally bigger than the other. You may want to check the type of palm tree you have and its roots structure so you know if it is ok to move and if needs more space to allow more growth. In general, it is easier to move a palm tree compared to other trees because of its root structure. Palm trees grow their roots uniquely so when you transport, you won’t need to cut huge roots that can damage the stress.

Take the digging seriously. Sometimes, relocating a matured palm tree needs a lot of time and equipment and can be generally expensive. Plant tree enthusiasts even hire the service of professional and sometimes huge equipment like an excavator to transport a palm tree. This is recommended if you have the budget. You may also want to do your relocation during its growing season so the tree will recover from the stress of moving. If the palm tree you are relocating is younger, you can use equipment like a spade and shovel to cut the palm allowing at least 3 feet of space in the truck. This will provide more room for growth and nutrient absorption.

Prepare your palm tree pot. When moving your palm tree to a new location, in a pot, you need first to create a hole using the size of its rootball. The suggested size is two times the width of the rootball. You also need to water the soil around the rootball before moving. A palm tree, when moved, will generally thrive within a year. It needs to adapt to its new surroundings to resume normal growth.

Make sure the new location is well taken care of. Constantly maintain soil condition by making sure it has a moist environment for six months in its new location. This will encourage proper growth and nutrients absorption. If you have a tall palm tree, you can place a trunk secured with straps to assist the tree. Always check for water and sunlight support as well.

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