Can I Make My Neighbor Trim His Tree?

can I make my neighbor trim his tree port orangeCan I make my neighbor trim his tree? You’re probably asking this right now as you once again rake those leaves all over your yard coming from your neighbor’s tree. And it is a legitimate question. Trees extending beyond a property’s line can become a nuisance, sometimes even a hazard. 

Tree trimming is the process of removing overgrown, diseased, and/or weak limbs and branches. The frequency depends on how quickly your tree grows. It is the responsibility of a homeowner to keep trees on their property well-maintained; however, the reality is not everyone would take time out or spend money to call a tree removal specialist to help them out. 

What is the Law About Trimming a Neighbor’s Overgrown Tree?

Legally speaking, you cannot complain about leaves from a neighbor’s tree blowing to your yard and falling on the ground as that’s part of nature. Ideally, you can speak to your neighbor about trimming his tree but that’s still his decision. If he refuses to do so, you can’t demand it. 

The good news is that you have the right to trim a neighbor’s tree’s branches that extends to your property line. However, you cannot cut down his tree or trim those branches that are already on his property. To ensure there won’t be any conflicts, it would be nice to tell your neighbor in advance if you plan to call a tree contractor to cut parts of his tree that are on your property. 

Contact Us for Professional Tree Trimming in Port Orange, FL

Now that you already know that the answer is no to the question “can I make my neighbor trim his tree?” it is now time to contact a licensed tree contractor for help. To ensure that there won’t be any problems with tree’s health, growth, and production, let an expert do the job for you. For tree trimming services in Port Orange, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach, DeLand, and the surrounding areas, we are here to help. Call Aardvark Tree Service at 386-310-8022 for a free estimate.