Best Way to Remove an Oak Tree in New Smyrna Beach

Best Way to Remove an Oak Tree in New SmyrnaWhat is the best way to remove an oak tree in New Smyrna Beach? Trees are gifts of nature but in an urban setting, they can sometimes get in a way of living. Find out about the safe and effective ways of oak tree removal below.

In the growing seaside city of New Smyrna Beach, huge oak trees are a common sight. Some are even said to be hundreds of years old. Oak trees however can block roads and cause accidents. Their roots can cause damages to structures and can even be a potential threat during storms. For these reasons, cutting down such trees becomes inevitable. 

The best way to remove an oak is to hire a qualified tree service company to do the job. In this community in Florida, it is illegal to just cut down huge trees.

Oak Tree Removal in New Smyrna Beach

It can be easy to spot various tree removal techniques online but doing this on your own even with the help of machinery is not an easy job. For oak trees where branches and roots grow incredibly large, there are certain rules that need to be followed.

In New Smyrna, securing a permit is necessary in order to cut down some oak trees. The city’s local council has tree ordinances the determine if a tree can be removed. If the oak tree is already dead or is causing a severe hazard to the surroundings, they will allow you to remove it without a permit.

Tips When Removing an Oak Tree

Even if you are working hand in hand with certified professionals, it is still worthy to take note of these useful tips that can help during the process of removing aak tree on your property. 

Plan ahead. Planning is a very important step in the process of tree removal. If the tree is huge, take notice of the removal process to residents or businesses that can be affected ahead of time to make sure no one will be affected. 

Safety first. Prioritize safety before anything else. Even if you have professionals with you, make it a habit to wear safety gear and equipment. Vehicles and other objects that are blocking the way should also be removed in order to have a smooth process of removal. 

Clean the surroundings. Make sure that the area is clean during the entire operation. If the removal process can affect or block the road, it is good to coordinate with the local council in helping with the traffic should the removal takes time. Huge machines or equipment are used sometimes during the process and they can potentially block the roads as well.

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Having a DIY tree removal is not only dangerous to you. It can also endanger the lives and properties of the people near you. A chainsaw just won’t do the trick and it is very important to leave everything else in the hands of certified tree removers. These experts are trained to inspect the trees, apply for a permit, and handle equipment in the process. They can also finish without causing damages to your property. 

What is the best way to remove an oak tree in New Smyrna Beach? Contact a licensed tree contractor. If you are located in New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, DeLand, or any of the surrounding communities, Aardvark Tree Service will help you with oak tree removal and all your other tree service needs. You may reach us at 386-310-8022 to get a free estimate.