Best Season to Prune Trees

best season to prune treesDo you ever wonder about the best season to prune trees? Some people thought it can be done all year long, taking into consideration just the weather but this is simply not the case. There are many different types of trees and they need different care and maintenance processes. Pruning may have to depend on the type of trees you have.

Generally speaking, the best time for pruning your trees and shrubs to make them healthier is during early spring or winter when the trees are dormant.

What is Tree Pruning?

What is tree pruning? By definition, tree pruning is the process of removing certain parts of trees or shrubs selectively. This involves cutting branches, roots, or buds. It is a form of care to keep your trees beautiful and healthy. A lot of people would think fall is the best time to do that because branches are springing back to life but the reality, the fall season is the worst time to do your pruning.

When is the Best Season to Prune Trees?

As earlier mentioned, early fall or early winter would be a great time to prune trees. Pruning your trees during the fall season can cause more harm than good. This season is the time when trees are taking all the nutrition it needs out of the leaves and storing it in the trunk and branches. It is preparing for dormancy for the winter season. Pruning your trees during fall can cause them to be sick or die later on because you are interfering with the changes they are going through. 

Moreover, knowing the right season to prune your trees is not enough. It is always advisable to get an expert’s advice since they know better and they can also help you with the type of trees you have. Remember, if you lack knowledge about how and when you should prune your trees, this can cause more damage to them as well.

More Tree Pruning Tips

While most tree pruning is done to maintain the health of a tree and help prevent the spread of decay to its branches and other parts, it is also done to improve the appearance or shape of a tree. It can help a lot in adding beauty to a well-curated garden landscape. For a lot of people who enjoy planting, this is also a good form of therapy, an activity to release stress.  

There are also other factors to consider when pruning. You should never prune when the tree and the area are wet as it can further spread disease. The tools that you are going to use when pruning should be clean as well when moving to another tree to prevent the spreading of possible diseases as well. 

Pruning can help trees produce more flowers and fruits. This is beneficial to the environment especially today that we don’t often get to see trees outdoor. Doing it mindfully will help control disease among tree types. Trees adapt to each season that passes every year and we wouldn’t want to interfere with their changes and cause more damage to them. That is why it is important to know when to prune your trees. 

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The best season to prune trees varies from tree to tree, location to location, and a whole lot of other factors. It would be best to seek advice from the experts when you are in doubt. Speaking of experts, if you are searching for the best professional Ormond Beach tree pruning company, then we are here to help. Aardvark Tree Service also offers tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal, and all other tree-related services. Call us at 386-310-8022 for a free estimate.