Best-Looking Trees in New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach is known for its lush, tropical foliage and stunning views. This Florida city is home to some of the most beautiful vegetation in the country. Among them are trees, which come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Trees have an aesthetic value and practical purpose. They provide shade and act as windbreakers, both essential functions in a hot climate like New Smyrna Beach. But they don’t all look the same.

Evidently, some trees are more aesthetically pleasing than others. Here are some of the best-looking trees in New Smyrna Beach.

Palm Trees

Best-Looking Trees in New Smyrna Beach - Palm TreesEvery coastal area has its signature trees. New Smyrna Beach is no different. One of the most iconic trees in this area is the palm tree – for a good reason.

No other tree symbolizes the tropics, quite like a palm tree. It has a robust and tall trunk that won’t break during extreme weather, and its fronds can sway gracefully in the wind. It’s ideal for hurricane-prone areas like New Smyrna Beach.

But more importantly, they’re visually beautiful. Palm trees add an attractive dimension to any landscape, from their feathery-shaped fronds to their thick trunk and evocative shape. Apart from beauty, they require little maintenance to stay healthy and look their best.

There are many palm tree species, the most popular being the coconut palm, date palm, and decorative palms. You can ask professionals for help deciding which type best suits your needs.

Pine Trees

Pine TreesAs an evergreen conifer, pine trees symbolize resiliency and beauty. Whether the species are tall or short, their foliage is vibrant green all year round.

Pine trees have round, spreading, flat crowns that provide a canopy of shade without blocking too much sunlight. They also have long-living needles that withstand strong winds and other environmental hazards. Plus, their pinecones add a touch of beauty to the landscape.

Pine trees come in wide varieties; some are suitable for gardens, others for forest landscapes. The top three varieties in New Smyrna Beach are the Slash pine, Longleaf pine, and Sand pine. These species are easy to maintain and come with a variety of benefits.

Oak Trees

bugs that eat oak trees port orangeIt’s hard to beat the classic beauty of an oak tree. Seeing a bold and majestic tree like oaks is even more challenging. They are tall with robust trunks and lush green leaves, making them centerpieces in any landscape.

Oak trees are evergreen, and their widespread provides a picturesque shade. Apart from their beauty, they last long. In fact, these can live for up to 600 years! (1)

Various oaks can grow in New Smyrna Beach, including White, Bluejack, and Live. Each has different characteristics and beauty aspects. But they have a downside. They have an invasive root system.

Tree Cleaning and Trimming

These beautiful trees need maintenance to keep them looking their best. While the degree may vary from tree to tree, they must get cleared and trimmed. That’s especially important after strong storms in New Smyrna Beach.

At Aardvark Tree Service, we specialize in tree services like pruning, trimming, and cleaning. We help protect you from dangerous branches, improve your trees’ appearance, and ensure they’re healthy. If you’re a resident or business in New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, DeLand, Ponce Inlet, or Daytona Beach Shores, make sure to contact us for a free quote today.

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