Are Your Trees Hurricane Ready?

are your trees hurricane ready new smyrna beachWith the storm season passing yearly in Florida, if you live within several hundred miles of the east coast, maybe you should be asking yourself are your trees hurricane ready? This is certainly not a question that you want to answer with the word “no”. That’s because trees that have not been properly prepared in advance of severe storms can wreak havoc on your home and other property in your yard if they or their larger branches come down during severe weather. Insurance is great but it does not cover having to find a temporary place to stay if an entire tree comes down on your home and it does not replace sentimental items in your attic that gets saturated in a storm after a big tree limb has punched a hole in your roof. Even if you have the best insurance in the world, storm damage from trees will end up at least costing you the deductible amount which often adds up to more than tree hurricane prep would cost. Here are some typical tree maintenance tips that will help prepare your trees to better handle a strong tropical storm.

Have a Tree Inspection Performed by a Professional Arborist

The whole process starts with having an experienced tree care specialist take a look at the situation with the trees in your yard. At this time, they will do such things as identify hazardous trees that have dead or diseased weak branches and they will also look for trees that are growing too close to your home and power lines. While they are doing your tree inspection, they will also note the overall health of the trees in your yard and look for any other signs that a tree can become a problem if a hurricane goes through your area.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

You may not realize it but regular tree trimming and pruning play a big role in determining are your trees hurricane ready. That’s because these important tree tasks determine how well your trees can survive strong winds, saturated ground, and other factors that are present during a big storm. This includes such tree care steps as eliminating dead & dying branches and making trees less overgrown so they don’t catch as much wind. Tree trimming & pruning also improves overall tree health so their root structure is much more firmly planted in the soil. 

Tree Removal

You also cannot be sure are your trees hurricane ready if you have entire trees that have grown much too close to your home or dead trees that are within striking range of your home, garage, and other structures if they fall during a hurricane. Any of these conditions and others too may lead a tree professional to suggest that you remove some of the hazardous trees that are found on your landscape. This is one of the single most effective ways to minimize property damage to structures in your yard when a hurricane passes through your area. 

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