After Tree Trimming: How to Recycle Wood

Tree trimming is a great service property owners can takeRecycle Wood Ormond Beach advantage of. It helps keep trees healthy and beautiful. It also assists in tree growth, especially if you have a fruit or flower-bearing tree. Because old, decaying and dead branches are removed, better and healthier ones have room to grow. After a tree trimming procedure, you will certainly be left with a whole lot of branches and twigs to dispose of. Your tree contractor can help you get rid of all of these, but it would also be nice to know how to recycle wood you’re left with afterward.

Some people even buy smaller pieces of wood for their own projects. Since you already have all these on your property after tree trimming, you may want to make use of them instead. Here are some ideas you can check out:

1. Use green waste as compost.

If you’re not into arts and crafts, you can simply use the wood and leaves as compost. However, it may take years for a huge pile to go through an entire process of decomposition. You may, however, ask for assistance from your contractor on how you can shred the green waste into smaller pieces to speed up composting.

2. Use twigs and branches for DIY projects.

Do a quick search on Pinterest about DIY woodworks using branches and twigs and you’ll come up with countless ideas. You will certainly enjoy making a number of projects with family and friends with all that wood you have.

3. Use the branches as firewood.

Best to do your research prior or you can ask your tree contractor if the kind of wood you have is safe to set on fire. If it is, you can even have a barbecue grill party with the number of branches and twigs you have available!

There are many more ideas you can find on how to recycle all the wood you can get after a tree trimming procedure. But then again, you can simply ask your tree contractor for assistance on how to dispose of the twigs, branches, and leaves. If you don’t intend to use them, it wouldn’t be good to keep them in your garden for too long as they can be infested by insects and other critters.

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