4 Reasons You Need to Get Tree Stump Removal Services

Tree Stump Removal Port OrangeThe stump is the bottom part of a tree’s trunk attached to its roots. It is usually left behind after a tree has fallen down or has been cut down. Tree removal or cutting doesn’t usually include getting rid of the stump. More so if a tree falls down due to bad weather or old age, a stump may remain standing. While some property owners don’t pay attention to this, it is highly important for you to get tree stump removal services.

Some tree stumps serve a good purpose. There are property owners who choose to leave them behind because they can clean it up and use it as a seating area in the garden. Others decorate it with new plants. But there are many more who find the need to get these stumps removed. Here are some reasons you need to get tree stump removal services.

1. Tree stumps may cause accidents.
Especially if the grass has grown longer and the tree stump remains low on the ground, it may cause you to trip or fall down when you walk right above it. Even if you say that you’ve memorized your yard and can walk around it with your eyes closed, you may have your kids playing around or guests visiting who can trip over these stumps.

2. These can also be infested by pests.
Insects and other pests love rotting wood. You may not notice it at first but termites and ants can build their homes in these stumps. These bugs can then infest your other plants and trees. If that stump is closely located to the structure of your home, termites may even find their way to your home’s structure.

3. You can plant a new tree to replace that stump.
If you have no use for the stump, why not get rid of it? You can use that space instead for a brand new tree, grass or even a new set of plants that would make your landscape beautiful. If that stump serves no purpose, then you should consider using that space for something else.

4. It is easier to clean and maintain your garden without a stump blocking the way.
When mowing your lawn or cleaning your garden, you would surely have an easier time if you don’t have to avoid a stump that’s blocking your way. Your garden would even look more beautiful if you just have that wide clean lawn without a stump that has no purpose that looks out of place.

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